PFARS For Automatic Replication System

PFARS is a server replication system mainly used to sync servers in LVS clusters but also has many other uses. It is based on rsync over ssh and has native support for the Debian package system. PFARS is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

History: PFARS was originally written in May of 2001 to manage the MapServer cluster at In July the open-source project began on The first official public release followed eleven months later with the release version 0.8 in June of 2002. A month later came the release of which improved the security and useability of PFARS. PFARS has continued to perform reliably in enterprise environments for over two years.

Today: PFARS is currently in alpha status at version 0.9.4.

Future: Read the PFARS Roadmap to find out about new features coming in 0.9.5 - read more...

RFC: PFARS needs your feature requests! -

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